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Mobile Application Development

Android is the most widely used mobile OS which is developed by Google. It is primarily for touchscreen mobile like smartphones/tablets. Google play is the core marketplace for selling and distributing android application. As android is open source it will incorporate all the state of the arts technology into its bouquet.
Android is the fastest growing system of operation of smart phone devices. It has become popular with each of its updates. Its flexibility and versatile, user friendly applications has helped it to become more favorite. The expert team of Nebula Infosoft with updated knowledge of most recent android release does the invention of profitable android apps. We offer professional services of android app development.

We offer a wide range of mobile app development services. The Android applications have been built from the ground up to taking advantage of the characteristics and functionality making this the fastest growing mobile platform of this world and those qualities are leveraged by each application to the utmost. Coming to the point of  mobile application development, it is believed by us that the key is full customization. It is not the exception.

We at Nebula Infosoft, Mobile Application Development  Has The Below Features

  • Increase your  reach and visibility,

  • Open new marketing channel.

  • Acquire new customers.

  • Provide the customers better usability and access.

  • Engage the customers towards your brand.

  • 2D and 3D graphics.

  • Variety of libraries for image, audio and video files.

  • Video camera, Touch screen, GPS, Accelerometer and Magnetometer.

  • Peer to Peer application using Google Talk.

  • SQLite for data storage.

  • A wide-ranging Export and signing app for the purpose of publishing.

Custom Mobile Application Development Solutions:

  • Business Applications

  • Communication Applications

  • News and Media Applications

  • Shopping Applications

  • Productivity Applications

  • Web-Driven Application

  • Location-based Application

  • Entertainment Application

  • Utility Application

  • Android Application Testing

  • Integration of Android Applications

  • Maintenance And Upgrade  For Android Application

Special features of us

Industry best pricing is offered by us which is undoubtedly a primary advantage. This ensures that even mid size and small companies can avail the facilities of solutions of Android app development. This ensures that we can provide in-house solutions all through each step of the process of application development from concept to design to testing to the final output.
Another great merit of our leading Android app development company is our experience.It is ensured by our expertise and experience that you have the smoothest possible process and that your project does not face complications and hurdles.