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E-Learning System


  • Automatically display your courses from E-Learning Site.
  • Automatically recognize user logins from your site.
  • Students can register directly in the app and their account is created in the site.
  • Students can browse courses in the App – directory and subscribe to the courses.
  • Students can enroll themselves in free courses or pay via website  system which supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Students can keep track of their courses on App or website in sync.
  • Students courses are loaded and available in offline mode.
  • Administrator can send notifications and updates to App users.
  • Administrator can remove/force logout users from the app.
  • Wish list feature in app.
  • Blog feature in app.
  • Quiz with MCQ, MCC, Fill blank, Select drop, text answer type.
  • Quiz results section.
  • User Dashboards with Course and Quiz graphs.
  • Upcoming features will be 
  • Wallet system 
  •  Admob integration
  •  Live Chat Integration
  •  Video & Audio Caching 
  •  Members Directory Integration
  •  Multi-site Feature

This Package Consists of 3 Panels 
1. Website with E-learning + Admin + Instructor+ Student Panel

2. E-Learning App

3. Quiz App